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Bulk Milk Cooler

250 & 500 ltr capacity

Powered by hybrid ice technology

Inficold 250 Ltr Bulk Milk Cooler

Salient features


45 vs 145 mins to cool from 35 to 10 C

90 vs 180 mins to cool from 35 to 4 C


Reduces bacteria count & improves milk quality


No chances of milk freezing even with lower milk capacities


1 day of cooling backup during grid outages

There is a strong need of small sized milk cooler for dairy farms or individual farmers. Traditional bulk milk coolers are typically not common for less than 250 & 500 Ltr capacity. There are numerous incidences across India where farmers and even large companies have been using chest freezers to keep the milk cans, which has undersized cooling, freezing challenges, poor temperature control and no milk agitation mechanism. In absence of a reliable milk cooling solution at small capacity, the milk is forced to be sold at a lower price in local market during flush season.

Inficold has addressed this product gap by developing 250 & 500 Ltr bulk milk cooler with integrated ice energy storage. This system has one of the highest cooling performance available in the world. It can cool 50 % of the rated milk capacity from 35 to 4 C within 70 mins as compared to 180 mins required by ISO 5708 Class 2AII standards. No minimum milk quantity is required to start the milk cooling, thereby, eliminating any milk freezing issues.

The entire system is automatic and doesn’t require any user intervention. It is also designed on a single skid which makes it easy to transport and does not require any specialized installation at the site. In addition, the system also provides milk cooling backup of an entire day during grid failure. It requires only 10 hours of grid electricity any time of the day to get completely charged.

Inficold manufactures the entire system including thermal energy storage with SS304 material to meet high life expectancy and sanitary requirement of dairies.

The competing solution is to directly cool milk cans by immersing them in chilled water. It has much slower and non-uniform cooling performance as there is no milk agitation. In addition, milk cans cooler is prone to unhygienic conditions as the dirt/vegetation/milk stuck over milk cans will eventually get mixed in the water chilling system.

These unique features of Inficold’s 250 & 500 Ltr bulk milk cooler help in maintaining the highest milk quality at lowest operating expenses. It is getting quite popular with dairy farms who are engaged in high quality and premium milk products such as organic, desi A2 cow, goat and camel milk.

Technical specifications

Description 250 L BMC 500 L BMC
Rated daily cooling capacity 250 Ltr 500 Ltr
Ice energy storage capacity 35 MJ 70 MJ
Cooling backup capacity from 35 to 3 °C 200 Ltr 400 Ltr
Cooling backup capacity from 35 to 6 °C 250 Ltr 500 Ltr
Power requirement 1 kVA 2 kVA
Refrigerant R134a / R407c

Cooling performance

Inficold 250 Ltr Bulk Milk Cooler Cooling Performance

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Inficold India Pvt. Ltd.
Address : Khasra No. 1202/2 & 1202/4, Village Khera Dehat, Pilkhuwa, Hapur-245304, Uttar Pradesh, India
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