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1000 Ltr Bulk Milk Cooler with Ice Backup

Inficold 1000 Ltr Bulk Milk Cooler

Bulk milk cooler in the size range of 1000 Ltr capacity are the most ideal option for Indian dairy ecosystem. They are installed at a cluster of nearby villages. However, traditional bulk milk coolers are currently backed with polluting diesel generators.

The ever-increasing prices of diesel has significantly impacted the operational expenses of milk cooling. The milk cooling cost on diesel is typically 1 – 2 INR/L as compared to 0.15 – 0.25 INR/L with grid electricity. The pilferage of diesel, maintenance after every 500 hours of run time and environment pollution are other few challenges associated with diesel generators. In addition, the BMC operator needs to stay at the center till milk is completely cooled for switching ON/OFF the diesel generator. It has resulted in several short cuts adopted by BMC operators such as leaving the milk between 7 to 10 C during a power outage and cooling milk to 4 C before it is lifted by the milk tanker. These short cuts result in deterioration of milk quality.

Traditional bulk milk coolers also have constant cooling rates at different milk temperatures. However, bacteria growth is much higher at higher milk temperature. The ideal solution should have higher cooling rates at higher milk temperature with no freezing possibility at lower milk temperature.

Inficold is addressing these challenges with thermal energy storage integrated bulk milk cooler. This system has an optional cooling backup in the range of 1 to 3 days. It eliminates the need of a diesel generator with only 8 hours of grid power availability any time of the day. This system also has 2 times faster cooling rates at higher milk temperature and cool milk to 10 C within 2 times lower time than required with a traditional ISO 5708 Class 2AII bulk milk cooler. Ice based cooling ensures that milk never freezes even when milk is below agitator level.

This entire system is fully automatic and does not require user intervention, thereby streamlining the milk cooling process as BMC operator doesn’t have to wait to switch ON/OFF the milk cooler till milk is cooled to 4 C. Inficold manufactures the entire system including thermal energy storage with SS304 material to meet high life expectancy and sanitary requirement of dairies.

Inficold is the first and only company which integrates these thermal energy storage bulk milk coolers with solar photovoltaic panels. Few of these units are currently operational in completely off-grid locations of Africa.

Salient Features


2 - 3 days of cooling backup capacity to completely eliminate diesel generator


Optional solar integration with direct drive compressor without electrical batteries


Reduces bacteria count & improves milk quality


No chances of milk freezing even with lower milk capacities

Technical Specifications

Description 1000 L
Gross capacity of milk tank 1100 Ltr
Rated daily cooling capacity 1000 Ltr
Manufacturing standard ISO 5708 Class 2AII
Cooling backup capacity 1500 Ltr / 3000 Ltr
Thermal storage outer body AISI SS 304
Power requirements 5 kVA
Refrigerant R404a
Off grid solar integration Available

Cooling Performance

Inficold 1000 Ltr Bulk Milk Cooler Cooling Performance

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