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Inficold is a leading refrigeration / cold chain company that designs and manufactures cold storages, milk coolers, PCM packs/pouches and air conditioners. These systems have inbuilt thermal energy storage to provide fast cooling rates, short precooling times, and cooling redundancy during power failure. Inficold cold chain system systems enable high product quality at the lowest operating cost.

Refrigeration systems are traditionally operated with compressors. The entire system works in suboptimal conditions most of the time, which are as following:

  • The system is oversized during low cooling requirement period, resulting in frequent on-off cycling of the compressor. This also creates high temperature / humidity fluctuations and icing over the evaporator coil.
  • The system is undersized during high cooling requirement period, resulting in long duration to achieve the desired temperature. Furthermore, the compressor may be always on, compromising its lifetime.

In both such scenarios, the end results are poor quality of the stored commodity, poor system efficiency and higher chances of system failure.

In addition, most of the cold chain systems across the globe are backed with an alternate energy source such as electric batteries or a diesel generator to provide cooling during grid failure. There are issues with these back up power systems:

  • There is a higher probability of failure if such backup energy sources are not frequently used, and thus not regularly maintained – a common problem faced in developed countries.
  • In contrast, the excessive use of electric batteries and diesel generators results in high operating expenses – a common problem faced in developing countries.
  • Electric batteries have limited cycling life and diesel generators require frequent oil changes and maintenance. Both also do not address the variable cooling requirements.

Thermal energy storage is an elegant option to address these issues. It also has a critical function in integrating solar photovoltaics with cold chain. It is well known that either grid or electric batteries are required to make solar photovoltaics panel even work. Electric batteries are expensive, hazardous, fire prone and do not address the variable cooling requirements.

Inficold has addressed both these challenges with its award-winning thermal energy storage and off-grid solar integration. Thermal energy storage developed by Inficold stores cooling in phase change material for a comprehensive application in the temperature range of -25 to 28 ⁰C. Inficold has also integrated compressor with solar photovoltaics without the need for grid and electric batteries.

Solar Refrigeration Principle

Inficold, the recipient of National Technology Award - 2019, has a vision to develop efficient, cost-effective, reliable and environment-friendly cooling solutions for various commercial and industrial applications such as space cooling, heat pump, as well as cooling of dairy, horticulture, flower, grain, pulses, fish, meat, egg, vaccine, and pharmaceutical.

Inficold Thermal Storage System

Our World's first universal thermal energy storage seamlessly fits any cooling application. It stores energy in low-cost, reliable, and environmentally friendly phase change materials such as water to ice. It acts as an additional source of cooling and can be harnessed on a need basis.

These thermal energy storage units have no moving parts or chemical reactions. Furthermore, they have an outer body of stainless steel for a life expectancy of 20+ years. They can be used in multiple different scenarios, such as fast cooling rates, higher product quality, captive usage of solar energy, shift load between peak/off-peak durations and eliminate diesel generator in weak grid locations.

Salient features of hybrid ice technology

“Future of energy storage for cooling”


20+ years life


No user intervention


Market leading energy storage capacity


High quality of perishables

Products offering based on hybrid ice technology

Cold Storage: 2 to 100 MT

This system enables efficient, reliable, consistent, and sustainable cooling for temperature sensitive commodities in the range of –18 to 15 °C. It addresses a wider application in fish, meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, ripening, grains, and pharmaceuticals. The inbuilt energy storage allows fast cooling rates, tight temperature control, small compressor requirement, high efficiencies and eliminates need of diesel generator as a backup. Read more...

Bulk Milk Cooler: 250 Ltr / 500 Ltr

This system has inbuilt thermal energy storage and is specially designed on a single skid to eliminate on-site assembly. It provides significantly faster cooling rates than ISO 5708 Class 2AII standard, resulting in better milk quality and increased shelf life. It also eliminates the chances of milk spoilage during grid failure. It is ideal for small dairy farms engaging in premium and high quality milk products such as organic, desi A2 cow, camel or goat milk. Read more...

Bulk Milk Cooler: 1000 Ltr / 2000 Ltr

This system enables large dairy organizations to eliminate the operational challenges associated with low milk quality, slow cooling performance and inconsistent grid at milk collection centers. The system is up to 100% faster to achieve 10 ⁰C and 50% faster to achieve 4 ⁰C in comparison to ISO 5708 Class 2AII bulk milk coolers. Their additional advantage is a day of cooling backup in absence of grid electricity – one of the highest cooling backup available in the dairy industry. Inficold is also the first and only manufacturer to provide solar driven thermal energy storage based BMCs. Read more...

Instant Milk Chiller: 1500 LPH / 3000 LPH

This system is specially designed for Indian dairy ecosystem where milk is sourced from remote locations and cooled at a centralized milk chilling center. It instantly chills milk to less than 10 ⁰C. It acts as a pre chiller to existing BMCs, allowing high quality milk, high milk cooling capacities, significant reduction of overall cooling operations and reduced diesel consumption in case of grid failure. Read more...

PCM Pack /Pouch: -30 to 0 ⁰C

These products are ideal for keeping temperatures regulated inside your shipment. It is available in eight different temperature ranges, namely, 0⁰C, -5⁰C, -7⁰C, -10⁰C, -16⁰C, -21⁰C and -30⁰C to address a comprehensive variety of applications. These PCMs are configured in both hard-shell pack and leak-proof pouch. These proprietary phase change materials are spill proof and are impregnated with nano structured material to achieve uniform and fast thermal coverage.

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