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Inficold designs and manufactures cold storage room, milk coolers and air conditioners with grid resilient and off-grid solar integration options.

Refrigeration systems are traditionally backed up with a diesel generator due to frequent power outages in developing countries, thus making cold chains infrastructure expensive to own and operate, leading to lack in this critical infrastructure for food preservation.

Inficold had addressed these challenges with its award-winning thermal energy storage and off-grid solar Integration. Thermal energy storage stores cooling in the form of ice as an energy storage medium for later usage. It needs 6 – 8 hours of grid/solar electricity to provide 24 x 7 cooling without the need of diesel generator or electric battery. Solar photovoltaic are integrated for captive consumption of solar energy without the need of net metering (which requires DISCOM approval) or electric batteries (which requires frequent replacement), and thereby allowing quick installation and short payback period.

Solar Refrigeration Principle

Inficold, the recipient of National Technology Award - 2019, has a vision to develop cost-effective, reliable and environment-friendly cooling solutions for various commercial and industrial applications such as space cooling, heat pump, as well as cooling of dairy, horticulture, flower, grain, pulses, fish, egg, vaccine, and pharmaceutical.

Inficold Thermal Storage System

Our World's first universal thermal energy storage seamlessly fits to any cooling application. It stores energy in low-cost, reliable and environment friendly material such as water to ice, and thereby eliminating the need of short-lived and hazardous electrical batteries for any cooling dominated application.

These thermal energy storage units have outer body of stainless steel for life expectancy of 20+ years. It can be used in multiple different scenarios, such as, to eliminate diesel generator in weak grid locations, allow captive usage of solar energy and shift load between peak/off-peak durations

Salient features of thermal energy storage

“Future of energy storage for cooling”


20+ years life


No user intervention


Market leading energy storage capacity


High quality of perishables

Products Offering

Solar Cold Storage

This system enables farm level cooling for perishable commodities in locations with weak grid availability. The cold storage retains the quality of fruits, vegetables, flowers, fishes, eggs, etc. for a long duration. Other applications are banana ripening, grain storage, vaccine cold storage, etc. Read more...

250 Ltr / 500 Ltr Bulk Milk Cooler with Ice Backup

This system have an inbuilt ice cooling backup and are specially designed on a single skid to eliminate on-site installation. It has exceptionally faster cooling rates than ISO 5708 Class 2AII standard, resulting in better milk quality and increased shelf life. It is ideal for small dairy farms engaging in premium and expensive milk products such as organic, desi A2 cow, camel or goat milk. Read more...

1000 Ltr Bulk Milk Cooler with Ice Backup

This system enables large dairy organizations to eliminate the operational challenges associated with diesel generator at milk collection centers. It provides up to 2 – 3 days of cooling backup in absence of grid electricity – one of the highest cooling backup capacity available in the dairy industry. Inficold is also the first and only manufacturer to provide solar driven thermal energy storage based BMCs. Read more...

Instant Milk Chiller with Ice Backup

This system is specially designed for Indian dairy ecosystem where milk is sourced from farther locations and cooled at a centralized milk chilling center. It instantly chill milk to less than 7 C. Instant milk chiller as an add-on to existing BMCs allows higher quality milk, increased milk cooling capacities and significant reduction of diesel consumption. Solar photovoltaic panels can be integrated for captive usage of solar energy. Read more...

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