Technology Overview

Solar energy has already achieved grid parity in India. The use of solar for cooling applications is challenging due to unavailability of cost-effective energy storage. In addition, inefficient solar off-grid inverters and high starting surge load of compressor makes the solar integration on cooling system infeasible.

Inficold has developed inverterless solar integration for refrigeration systems, which reduces the overall system cost and improves solar utilization. Electricity generated by photovoltaic panels is stored in form of ice to provide cooling during non-solar hours. The applications are solar cold storage, solar air conditioning, solar cooling pack houses, solar milk cooling, etc.

Product Offerings

Solar Instant Milk Cooler

Instant Milk Cooler as name suggests, instantly reduces the milk temperature from 35 C to 4-7 C depending up the milk flow rate. The milk cooling rates are adjustable in the range of 250 to 1000 Liter per hour. The cooling time is significantly reduced, and thereby improving milk quality. It integrates to existing bulk milk cooler sites to enhance their cooling capacity, reduce diesel consumption, improve milk quality. When integrated with Solar, it eliminates the need of grid for milk cooling.

Solar Bulk Milk Cooler

This solar bulk milk coolers are World’s first such solution where an existing or traditional bulk milk cooler system can be integrated with solar and thermal energy storage. These systems are available in 500 and 1000L sizes. The system conforms to ISO 5708 manufacturing standards.

Solar Cold Storage

These standalone solar cold storage units are configured on a marine grade shipping container allowing extremely long life, minimal installation required at site and exportable to other countries. This is the only solar cold storage system based on thermal energy storage which doesn’t change the cooling mechanism.

The cooling is still delivered through direct expansion based evaporating unit. We do not use eutectic plates (limited energy storage, limited temperature uniformity, limited temperature controls and water dripping walls). Energy storage capacity in Inficold’s thermal energy storage system is 4-5 times higher than competition solutions. It allows extended autonomy and occasional high pre-cooling loads.

Data logger for Bulk Milk Cooling

It integrates with Bulk Milk Coolers to monitor critical field data such as milk quantity, temperature, & power consumption, etc. It uploads the data on server to provide deep insights into field operations, and predict maintenance. Broad adoption of this product across collection centers can lead to improved milk quality and reduced operating expenses. These insights can help identify cost saving.

Infilog - Remote Monitoring System

Infilog monitors environmental parameters and log them on a remote server through Wi-Fi connectivity. Environmental parameters are temperature & humidity in the standard configuration. Additional parameters are available on request. Statistical and trend analysis is viewable on the web portal. Infilog is easily configurable by the user to enable set-point alerts which are notified via SMS/ e-mail. Infilog is ideal for cold chain, pharmaceuticals, data centres, hospitals and offices.


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